Bespoke Solutions

  • Excel VBA Solutions

    Excel has developed over the years to become an affordable and practical tool for SME's right upto Large Corporate Orangisations. This is due to its ability to be not only flexable, but scalable. We have produced a number of VBA solutions from small to large companies, to streamline backend processes and produce information. Which would not have been possible with other solutions. An Excel VBA soultions can be developed to meet several of your business needs, from Calculating costs to even producing Sales Invoices. AT SPI we can work with your business to provide you a solution that meets your business needs.

    Oracle APEX Soultions

    Excel is an excellent business tool, but unfortunately does have its limitations. This is why we also can provide an Oracle APEX solution. With an APEX solution, we can provide anything that an Excel VBA Soution can do. However, we can host the solution for you and you can access you bespoke solution from anywhere with an internet connection. Oracle APEX is extremely flexible and reliable. Developed from HTML-DB, Oracle APEX now has better Security and also a very quick tool to develope and launch your solution.
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